We will no longer be calling our events Interface LA, and its up to you to help us find a new name before our next show! Please email your suggestions to interface.la.music [at] gmail. If we pick your name, we’ll put you on the guest list for the rest of our events in 2012.

You know what we’re about - controllerism, human computer interaction, audovisual performance, i/o expression, digital art, interactive installations - help us find a name that encompasses all of it!

An amazing highlights reel of our December event made by our good friend Charlie Visnic

Starting off 2012 with a bang, Interface LA teams up with Novation, AbletonCreate Digital Music, Lovetech & controllerism.com to bring you another epic night of audiovisual performances & interactive installations. Mike Slott (NYC) joins us for a rare west-coast appearance - nuff said. Lovetech (SF) invades LA - Moldover, Nonagon & Rich DDT roll down the coast to showcase their bay-area breed of controllerism. Peter Kirn (NYC) of Create Digital Music comes through for a special set. As always - performances from our Interface LA collective, visuals by OICHO and interactive installations.

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Interfacers!  SmackTop 0.3, debuted at our November Interface LA, is now available as a free download to any and all Mac laptop owners.  Enjoy!



One of the coolest music projects this year has come from the nimble artistry of % (pronounced “owner/operator,” out of the /parallelogram/ collective), who recently released “Echoes,” a treasury of 50 distinct continuous loops pieced out from earlier recordings. % fused form and function by…

hot interview with the maybeparade crew, please enjoy.

Interface LA is teaming up with S.C.U.M. (SoCal Users of Monomes) this month to present a monome-centric workshop/ performance event. Live audiovisual performances from an epic lineup of monomists, including monome themselves - Brian Crabtree & Kelli Cain. Presentations by Alfred Darlington and interactive explorers Flip Mu.

All are welcome! Whether you are still trying to figure out how to pronounce monome, or are a seasoned button masher - we’re sure you’ll have a blast.

Downtown Independent
251 S. Main St
$10 Presale ::: $15 @ Door

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'Twas quite a night!! Big thanks to Lucky Dragons, Mike Gao, and Crashspace for making it out and sharing. And a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and interacted!!! Let's do it again soon…


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